Our Mission

Your health, your freedom.

ZH FITNESS was born to motivate women to pursue a healthier lifestyle, because we strongly believe that your health is your freedom.

We want you to take care of your body, because your body is your home, your temple.

ZH FITNESS is a new fashion fitness concept.

Our women's sports clothes have highly technological and intelligent fabrics and you can practice your favorite workout with total freedom of movement.

Among our wide range of products, you will always find the clothes that best suit your desired sport. For practicing outdoor sports we have, for example, our UPF50+ sun protection clothing.

In addition to that, our sports leggings portfolio offers different levels of compression. Leggings with low, moderate and high compression, ensuring that you can get the best out of every workout.

Which fabrics make up our garments?

Elastane is a highly elastic fiber. ZH FITNESS products carry the Lycra trademark elastane, the best elastane brand in the world.


The noblest of synthetic fibers, it has excellent sweat absorption. It is soft and the touch resembles cotton. Light and quick drying, and of course, excellent elasticity.

An intelligent fabric that takes care of your body. Promotes skin firmness and reduces the signs of cellulite. It is the science operating in favor of well-being. A combination of polyamide, bioactive minerals and long infrared technology, which returns to the skin to promote reduction of muscle fatigue, rapid muscle recovery, increased sports performance together with maximum comfort.

With our fabrics we guarantee a pleasant elasticity and clothing that fits perfect to the body.

On top of everything, add the high durability, comfort and exclusivity of our clothes, which keep their new look for much longer.

We believe in conscious consumption and for this reason our garments are made to last a lifetime!

For our customers a word: QUALITY.

Put on your ZH FITNESS and feel the motivation enter your body.

Explore our world of possibilities!

With love,